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 Moscow State Circus

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Steve Jacks

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PostSubject: Moscow State Circus   Moscow State Circus Icon_minitimeThu May 13, 2010 1:59 pm

Moscow State Circus – Brighton Preston Park, 09/05/10

THE SHOW: This years show “Legenda” has provided some mixed opinions so I was longing to see the show for myself. And having seen it, I can see why. There is no doubting the acts. They are tremendous. But there is also this supposed story going on about Rasputin. It includes nice announcements from a recorded vocal that sounds great but the whole thing is difficult to follow, we are left in darkness a lot of the time whilst it takes place and has nothing to do with the acts that follow. To be honest in the end it just got annoying and made me long for an old fashioned ringmaster instead which would have held together and made this show so much better. Interesting attempt but not sure it works.

The superb acts include a double silks act, fantastic juggling troupe, the return of the amazing crossbow act, a unique trapeze style act including a comedy character and involves a trampoline – very new, three gorgeous girls doing acrobatics, the German wheel, and best of all the most amazing Russian swing act ever! Involving two sings and a trapeze! Unique landings, you would have to see it to believe it. There is also a wheel of death here called Sky wheel which for the first time included FOUR people! Fantastic!

My only complaint is the clowns. They are not remotely funny, I didn’t even raise a smile, and it’s all arty farty nonsense. Every time they came on I thought… oh no. Which isn’t really the idea! Even the people around me just sat there in complete bewilderment and didn’t even clap!

But overall, another fantastic show which I would still recommend. Send out the clowns, get a ringmaster, lose the plot and it would be perfect!

HOUSEKEEPING: A mixture of live musicians and recorded music. GREAT merchandise from the usual novelties for the kids to t shirts and caps, Russian dolls, fridge magnets and great selection of food.
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Moscow State Circus
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