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 Zippos Circus

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Steve Jacks

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PostSubject: Zippos Circus   Zippos Circus Icon_minitimeSat Aug 15, 2009 8:12 am

Zippos Circus - Hove Lawns, Hove, East Sussex - 12 August 2009

The Show: There is a very clever theme to this years Zippos show. It begins with a look back to the early days of Circus talking of Astley etc and goes through to the current day and eventually a look at future Circus! A good take on an idea for a show this will always work well on. Due to this there are plenty of group acts where you get the dancers, some juggling, trapaze work altogether - everybody performs brilliantly and has a good choice of music.

Other acts include Disa on the single trapeze, Norman Barrett with his budges (the act gets better and better each year), Big and little horse presentation by 9 year old Kristina Roberts, The Marhinos on the high wire (with walk up from the sides of the big top), Tom Roberts horses (again, possibly the best presentation ever this year), Wheel of death - again from the Marhinos and much more.

Clowning is from The Konyots. It's been a long time since I have seen them and they continue to pride first class comedy. Traditional, yet still current ("Ah Kung Foo Panda!!!"), their acts remind me of when I first saw clowns as a kid - and the kids love this act just as much today! Their slots include a audience participation act, a slosh act and best of all (always my favourite) a musical act. David Konyot even plays two trumpets at one time - perfectly in tune!

Norman Barrett continues to remain in the show as the ever popular ringmaster. A great traditional Circus show.

Housekeeping: A good colour programme for £4, t shirts for £12.99 and the usual circus novelties. Food stand and foyer tent and recorded music but with occasional live drum machine (note the irony of live drum machine???!!!).

For more UK Circus reviews and photos etc go to
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Zippos Circus
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