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 Oh! What a Circus... Oh! What a show!

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Steve Jacks

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Oh!  What a Circus... Oh! What a show! Empty
PostSubject: Oh! What a Circus... Oh! What a show!   Oh!  What a Circus... Oh! What a show! Icon_minitimeThu Sep 03, 2009 3:08 am

Oh! What a Circus… Oh! What a show!

On Friday 21st August at 9pm, Zippos Circus put on an extra show… with a difference! It was a charity night for Sussex Beacon who are a charity for Aids sufferers and it was all very interesting and all VERY camp!

As the Circus was in Brighton (well, Hove actually!), what better chance than to put on this charity show. I have already reviewed Zippos show in the UK Circus reviews 2009 section on this website, so I wont go into much details on the Circus acts – especially as there was only two or three acts missing.

In this show after beginning the same, we were introduced to Ringmaster Norman Barrett’s co-host for the evening. Maise Tollette! Maise is a well known drag queen in the area and the two worked very well together, showing a new light to Norman!! It was clear they had no rehearsals but that made them even more charming.

Usually Kristina Roberts presents the big and little horse act but in this adult show, they were presented by Norman (Kristina is only age 10 after all). It was nice to see him present them and he admitted to me later he does enjoy presenting them now and then.

Maisie joined The Konyot clowns for their Strictly Dancing Ballet section with members of the audience taking part (and one member actually being able to do the splits at the end!).

Norman presented his budgies and how do you follow that?! With a naked singing Maid of course in the shape of Robert James! Well, here’s something you don’t see everyday! Although dressed, you could certainly see everything when he twirled round (but more was to come in the second half!).

The Konyots performed their Eggs, Music and mayhem act followed by the Marhinos on the High Wire. The first half then closed with the Brighton and Hove (actually) Gay Men’s Chorus with Samantha Howard. Very good they were too, though sadly lost over the way too loud piano backing.

The first half had already gone on for an hour and half and then was the interval! Not that anyone was complaining.

The second half started with the Brighton and Hove (actually) Gay Men’s Chorus again before Lola Lasagne was introduced. Lola is another drag queen and extremely funny.

Duo Fushion from the main Circus show performed their Aerial adagio before Lorraine Bowen came on – Comedienne vocalist. Well this you have had to see to believe! Coming on riding round the ring on a bicycle and then playing her Casio keyboard (very tacky – think Margarita Pracatan!) and singing her songs.

Tom Roberts then showed his Liberty horses which went down well. Then came Perky little porn star which was Robert James again (this time completely naked!) to sing for everybody! There was a perfect bit where Norman Barrett was grinning away and looking down at Robert’s naked bottom so I lifted my camera but he looked away just as I took the photo – shame, would have been a brilliant photo!

Maise made another entrance this time on a motorbike (she had originally been brought in during the first half by the way on one of the horses!). More banter between her and Norman before introducing the final act, the Marhinos Wheel of death act (including Chico whipping off trousers to finish the act in nothing but a thong!), followed by the Circus and Cabaret finale!

A good time was had by all and tickets were £15 and most seats sold so hopefully it raised a lot of money for this worthy cause. There is talk of doing another one next year, it would be great if this happens. One thing for sure, if I can, I know I will be there!

You can see a whole photo album of photos from the show at
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Oh! What a Circus... Oh! What a show!
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