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 Wandsworth Council debating animals in Circus...Support needed please!

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Adrian Corti

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PostSubject: Wandsworth Council debating animals in Circus...Support needed please!   Sat Oct 24, 2009 8:44 am

Here's the latest bit of bother. Wandsworth Council has never made a policy against exotic animals. However recently an animal circus applied to use Battersea Park. Because Battersea was handed over to Wandsworth when the GLC was killed off by Maggie Thatcher, the GLC policy was left in place there, which means no exotics in that park. A discussion about policy will take place on Tuesday evening. Of course, being a bit anti, they're recommending that 'bringing policy into line' means banning exotics in the rest of the Borough, NOT allowing them at Battersea.

Maybe Forum readers' letters would help, mentioning that circuses continue in discussion with the government towards strict regulation, and that as soon as that's in place there need be no doubt in the public's mind because any 'approved' circus will be of an impeccable standard. They could also point out that policy should by rights be brought into line in the other direction, ie to make the same rule at Batersea as exists for the rest of the Borough.

Emails to Mr Paul McCue, Deputy Director of Leisure & Amenity Services , or to Councillors via the Wandsworth website . Might also be worth looking for a blog at local paper website Wandsworth News? Plus Council website, where I think people can comment on issues.

Councillors and their contact details are listed at:

Relevant Reports can be viewed as Items 4 and 5 at: .

So come on guys, lets get a few emails etc to Wandsworth, members of this forum can make a difference, and have done several times recently! It all helps!
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Wandsworth Council debating animals in Circus...Support needed please!
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