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 Zippos Circus - Worthing Pavillion Theatre - 17 February 2010

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Steve Jacks

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Zippos Circus - Worthing Pavillion Theatre - 17 February 2010 Empty
PostSubject: Zippos Circus - Worthing Pavillion Theatre - 17 February 2010   Zippos Circus - Worthing Pavillion Theatre - 17 February 2010 Icon_minitimeMon Feb 22, 2010 7:23 am

Zippos Circus - Worthing Pavillion - 17/02/10

The Show: This is the second year that Zippos Circus has put on a half term show in a theatre in Worthing (different from the touring show). Led by ringmaster and artistic director David Hibling, this years show was even better than last years.

A clever start to the show with clowns Duo Delbosq being in the audience and being told to get on stage as they are supposed to be IN it! They then see a parade of the artists before them one by one and then Mr Twix (from last years Zippos touring show) performed a variety of juggling tricks and rola rola act.

Lucia Louise then appears on the German wheel dressed as Lara Croft (need I say more!). A very competent and impressive act. Duo Delbosq make their first appearance with a comedy skipping act involving a member of the audience - their fun music and very lively characters make each of their acts fun to watch. They also perform the busy bee water routine with ring master David Hibling getting a fair soaking himself and various others. They are perhaps the most original clowns I have seen for years in terms of their characters. The male clown makes such funny expressions and the female clown forever sticking her tongue out and pointing to people and then her eyes in threatning gesture is certainly very different! And with her short skirts it proves clowns can indeed be sexy!

There is a pirate end to the first half with Captain Craig (Attmore) on the silks, an excellent and daring act. Also an African five piece troupe performing a great skipping act, acrobatics and limbo act.

The second half starts with Derek Masters performing his escapology assisted by Ronnelle who also performs her very current corde lise act with music from U2 (vertigo) and raunchy dress to match. Together they perform a comedy plate spinning act which end in all sorts of mis-haps.

Gordon Marquez also featured with his excellent lively juggling act including clubs, balls and ping pong balls from the mouth routine. David Hibling as Ringmaster held the show together very well and came across as likeable and friendly with the audience.

The whole show was amazing as the public kept saying (I went five times, so heard a fair amount of comments!). At £12 a ticket for adults it was exeedingly good value for money and if this was the main Zippos touring show it would be just as good as any previous Zippos show!

Housekeeping: Well it was in the theatre, but included good backdrop and ring matt to make it look like it was inside a Big top. Music was recorded with excellent choices of music. Usual kind of novelties for sale before the show and during the interval. I would like to thank the entire cast for being so welcoming and putting up with me so much (??!!!!!!). A great happy team (makes for a great happy show!!!).
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Zippos Circus - Worthing Pavillion Theatre - 17 February 2010
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