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 Boring Moscow State Circus

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Boring Moscow State Circus Empty
PostSubject: Boring Moscow State Circus   Boring Moscow State Circus Icon_minitimeSun May 02, 2010 2:24 pm

Seeing advertising for the famous Moscow State Circus leads the public to beleive they are going to watch a world class show,the very thing the Russian Circus is famous for.

However in its current version i can honestly say its the most boring circus i have ever seen. And it seems that there are many many customers on the ticket master website review page,for this show, who indeed agree.

The Russian Circus is famous for its excitment and panach, traditional circus of the highest quality.

Yes, SOME, of the acts were fantastic. However,the overall presentation is bland and boring with a stupid story about Rasputin. This story is not only boring for children,but adults alike. Bring back the Ringmaster (a live band too).

I wonder if Mr Austen ever sits through his own circuses. If so, he would realise that from most areas of the big top,you cant hear the story anyway. Its also the same at the Chinese State Circus. The point of having a story no one can understand or make any sense of is beyond me.

The initial UK versions of the Moscow State Circus were very very exciting. Now i would never visit this show again in its current form.
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Boring Moscow State Circus
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